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Women are never satisfied!

Today was the launch of Atlantis’ STS-129 mission. I had been cleaning all morning, so I was all gross and frumpy and decided to take a quick shower before the launch. I ran out to catch the launch at the last minute, in raggedy jeans, a tshirt, hair all a mess, looking much the way I looked when I was late for school pretty much every day of high school.

It was a “flawless launch, a perfect ascent”.


While outside, I overheard the boys from across the street.

“Dude, we have a new neighbor.”


“That girl across the street.”

“She’s not new.”

“Then why doesn’t she go to our school?”

“I dunno. Homeschooled? Private school?”

And instead of smiling at being mistaken for a high schooler… I snorted in my head. “Girl? YOU MEAN ‘LADY’?”.

And only three months ago, I was whining about being called “ma’am” in the mall. haha

November 16, 2009   5 Comments

Bookworming it.

Once upon a time, I was a bookworm. Do y’all (and by “y’all” I mean those of you in my generation or nearabouts) remember when elementary schools had the Pizza Hut Book It promotion/project? You’d read a book, fill out a book report, turn it in to your teacher, and get a star for it. In my class, no one ever beat me. And by never beat me, I mean I was literally something like a hundred books ahead of the rest of the class. Reading was my favorite thing to do in the world. Probably even more than playing Barbies.

I remember turning in about five book reports one Monday morning in second grade and having Ms. Bar-witch (OK, her real name was Ms. Barwick) lift an eyebrow at me.

“You really read all these books?”


“We’ll see about that.”

And she proceeded to quiz me. She finally realized there was no bluff to call when I went into the complexities of the relationships among the characters and which ones I identified with and why I liked each particular author and remembered that once you get me talking, good luck shutting me up, waved a hand at me and dismissed me. She never doubted that I’d done the reading again.

The past couple of years, my bookworming has mostly died. I would occasionally pick up a book, devour it in a day or two, and then move on to something else.

Until the advent of Twilight… which will be another post in and of itself, because I’m pretty confused as to why I like that series if I’m hating it the entire time I’m reading it. But I digress. I have read the second and third books in the series each in one six hour sitting. I had forgotten how much I loved just curling up on the couch and immersing myself in someone else’s world and getting carried away in their imagery and becoming acquainted with people I will never meet.

It may just be one of my favorite things in the world. :)

Thank heavens for used book stores, though, or this addiction/passion would be too painfully expensive to sustain. We went to the Melbourne Flea Market’s used book store today as well as the one in downtown Melbourne. (The guy that works there may just be my favorite bookstore/librarian ever.) My loot:

  • The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini
  • Three Cups of Tea, by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin
  • Player Piano, by Kurt Vonnegut
  • Mother Night, by Kurt Vonnegut
  • Bluebeard, by Kurt Vonnegut
  • Jailbird, by Kurt Vonnegut
  • The Sirens of Titan, by Kurt Vonnegut
  • Cat’s Cradle, by Kurt Vonnegut
  • God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater, by Kurt Vonnegut
  • Solar Lottery, by Philip K. Dick
  • Valis, by Philip K. Dick
  • A Maze of Death, by Philip K. Dick
  • Dr. Bloodmoney, by Philip K. Dick
  • Radio Free Albemuth, by Philip K. Dick

See a pattern there? Heh. Our bookcases are mostly filled with other Vonnegut and Dick books, as well as a healthy collection of books by Ray Bradbury. I’m in love. However, I tried to tell myself that for every one or two fiction books I read, I’ll try to fit in a non-fiction one. Suggestions are welcome!

This post had no real point other than to share my book excitement. Aaand trying to post more frequently.

August 22, 2009   13 Comments

Update – Part I

A lot has happened over the past couple of months…

First, George’s car completely died. OK, George would argue with that. It still runs, but the second you turn it on, you (and anyone within a mile radius) are completely enshrouded in a cloud of white smoke. We still have it in the garage, hoping to fix it up a bit so someone will still want to buy it for more than just scrap. But we had to get a new car. Or, two, rather. 😀

Sexy.Dangerous GTI edition

He made me do it.

Meet Al and Betty. George says he’s not naming his car Al, but seeing as how it’s been a month and a half and he hasn’t named it yet, I am naming them both myself. Al is a Golf GTI and Betty is a kinda pimped out Jetta. We got a pretty sweet loan with the KSCFCU, and they should be paid off in no time. We’re not the biggest fans of loans (neither of us has a credit card) but we needed wheels.

The sad part is… I can’t technically drive mine. My Mexi license is expired (renewing it in a couple weeks) and I am not allowed to get a US license until my paperwork is done. FAB. But at least now, the very SECOND my papers are through, I will be able to get a job and drive to it. But, yay! Cars!

By the way, we found both cars on eBay Motors. George’s ended up costing 2K-3K less than that turbo is actually worth just because it has a couple of interior imperfections. Mine cost the BlueBook value; however, the BB value doesn’t include all the things it has, like leather interior, sunroof, sound system with amplifier, heated seats (yes, we live in Florida, yes, I still freeze here), etc. Not too bad!

August 18, 2009   7 Comments

I am made of win.

With George at work all day and me unemployed until USCIS determines I am persona grata, I spend a lot of time home alone. Being home alone contributes to prancing around nekkid after taking a shower, looking for what clothes to wear and such. This is a safe activity, as our curtains and blinds are always drawn before I take a shower…

Lately, George and I have been sleeping in one of the guest rooms. It’s darker in there and the guest beds are more to our liking than the bed in the master bedroom… so I forgot to keep the blinds closed in our master bedroom.

Today I was walking out of the closet, hair wrapped up in a towel-turban, to search for clothes in our bedroom. I was backlit — the bright, fluorescent closet light on behind me. And right as I walk out, what are the odds? Our neighbor pulls into his driveway. Said driveway has a straight view into our bedroom window.

Fabulous. I ducked out of sight, all embarrassed and ran to whine to George about it on gchat. He laughed and said, “Maybe he didn’t see you!” Yeah, I was bathed in bright lights and the window was right in front of me… but he didn’t see. hahaha

I have, however, learned my lesson: next time, wave vigorously. If the neighbor replies with a wave, he definitely saw me. If not, then I’m in the clear! (What, did you think the lesson would be to not walk around nekkid? As if!)

August 17, 2009   3 Comments

H1N1 Flu (which we all know is really Swine Flu, no matter what the gov says!)

The Office of the Chief Health and Medical Officer of NASA sent out an email containing the most rational and even-handed information on this subject that I’ve seen yet. I thought I would share a few points on it here because I am sick of people freaking out over it and locking themselves in their homes.

As the outbreak progresses, the following facts and features have become evident:

1. The outbreak continues to cause relatively mild illness for the most part in the United States, and appears to be very much like a seasonal flu outbreak with regard to severity and spread.

2.  The U.S. government has mobilized numerous resources not previously available to respond to flu outbreaks. This should limit the overall impact, compared to past experience.

3.  The Department of State and the Department of Health and Human Services recommend avoiding non-essential travel to Mexico. There are no other travel related recommendations at this time. There are no recommendations to restrict or avoid public transportation, including airline travel. OK, so maybe don’t plan any vacations for there for the next month or so.

4.  The World Health Organization has characterized the outbreak based on spread, not severity. Currently, the WHO Pandemic Alert level remains at 5; however, this may change if person-to-person spread is confirmed outside of North America. Again, this does not relate to the severity of the illness caused by the epidemic.

5. NASA specific, deleted.

6.  There have been multiple deaths in Mexico related to H1N1 infection, and there have been many more hospitalizations there as well. The number of infected individuals in Mexico is unknown. As the number of hospitalizations increases worldwide, the expected number of deaths can be expected to increase, as would be seen in any outbreak of influenza.

7. Personal protective measures remain the best prevention for this illness. Strict attention to hand washing, avoiding contact with those who are ill (staying 3 to 6 feet away should be adequate), remaining home if ill, keeping your hands away from your nose and mouth, covering coughs and sneezes and disposing of contaminated tissues are all useful measures. 3 to 6 feet away is adequate, folks! Remain home IF ILL, not “remain home and become a shut in”!

If you’d like more information…

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:
The World Health Organization:

May 5, 2009   4 Comments