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Posts from — April 2009

Clean “freak”

This morning I started cleaning at 8am. Nothing spectacular about that, right? Except for the fact that I have managed to drink eight glasses of water already (in 5.5 hrs) and seriously done cardio about three times so far. Like, to the point where I end up all sweaty and red faced and having to slow down my breathing.

George and I finally got to working on some things around the house this weekend which made me catch the cleaning bug much more seriously than usual. While I tend to kind of clean obsessively, this is far beyond my usual crazy-cleaning. I’m attacking every single closet, cabinet, surface, corner, window in my path. I even purged the laundry room of… way too much crap.

I joke about it, but I honestly do wonder if I’m a little OCD. The pleasure I am getting from seeing each surface mirror back my hysterically happy-that-it’s-clean smile is too great to be normal. I’m on cloud fifty.

Snack time’s over. Time to get back to it!

April 27, 2009   6 Comments

I’m a Guitar Hero!

George and I found this ridiculous deal on eBay: pay less than half the retail price of Guitar Hero World Tour and get free shipping for the FULL game with all the instruments, brand new. Caveat: the box is slightly worn. Seriously? We’d been getting kind of annoyingly addicted to Rock Band III playing at Willie’s and were a little sick of playing the same songs over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over (I think you get the point) again, so we decided to click the little “Buy it now!” icon.

The package arrived yesterday in the afternoon. We create our characters and get to playing. First, let me just say. Easy guitar, Guitar Hero? EASY?! The “easy” mode on GH is equivalent to the “medium” on RB and it’s RIDICULOUS. I’m a beginner and I was going crazy-all-over-the-place. I must admit that I do now love the guitar more than ever before.

And second… BITE ME, GH. On RB I am always our singer, and on “medium” and “hard” I can give you performances in the high 90s and a couple of 100 percents here and there. On “medium” on GH? 88-93. SERIOUSLY?! Why do you kill my wannabe-rockstar ego, GH? Why, oh why?

Third: if you really like a video game and think you might waste too much time on it, my advice is DO NOT PURCHASE IT. Completely obsessed. My (social) life is over. And seriously? I played for like five minutes today and neighborhood kids kept riding their bikes past the window watching me tilt the guitar to get my star power as I played all by my lonesome and I kept thinking how fab it’d be to invite them over to play because then I could get SO MUCH MORE MONEY for each gig and then I realized, uh, that would be creepy because I am way-too-old-and-still-childless to invite neighborhood kids to my house. :(

So, um, anyone wanna come over and “jam”?

P.S. George just said, “Yeah, we should totally invite the neighborhood kids to play. It wouldn’t be creepy if first we went over and met their parents.” Yes. “Hi, Mr. and Mrs. So-and-so. I am here to introduce myself. No, not to socialize with you… to socialize with YOUR CHILD.” That’d go over well!

April 24, 2009   5 Comments

Mind readers

When I was a little girl, my parents used to fight a lot. I mean, a lot. Screaming matches that would end in tears and with my dad frequently yelling at my mom, “What do you expect, for me to read you mind or something?!” coupled with an exasperated expletive. I would hide out in my room waiting for the storm to pass, hugging my pillow and pray to God that one day I would find a boy who would read my mind so I would never have to fight with someone quite like that.

The years passed, and with them, a doomed relationship here and there. Some fighting. Even some screaming matches. Not surprisingly, some of those arguments would end with, “What do you expect, for me to read you mind or something?!” coupled with an exasperated expletive. Of course. And in my mind, I would say, “Yes, yes, that is exactly what I want.”

Be careful what you wish for…

It is at times eerie how completely George and I read each others’ minds. We can be sitting in the middle of a group of people and have a conversation. He knows the exact moment of the day when I am praying. We more than finish each others’ sentences: we say the same exact thing at the same exact time nearly 50% of the time. We have called people out of the blue at the same time in the past. We think of someone at the same second in the day on their birthday and wish them a good one. He always knows what to say and what not to say and how to deal with anything that comes our way. When something difficult comes up, we’re always automatically just present in one way or another. It’s almost as if we’re one person. I am grateful every day to share this bond, this connection, and this love with someone so amazing.

And… I think I might just like this being married business. 😉

P.S. As George read this and commented “Claro!” (of course in Spanish) I, in another part of the house entirely and before receiving the message texted him saying “Of course!”. OF COURSE!

April 20, 2009   3 Comments

Out with the old, in with the fresita!

“What do I write as my first post? I feel like it should be something monumental,” I whine, as George laughs at me.

After more than ten years of blogging, it appears I have a case of Internet stage fright. It just feels like the fact that this is an actual domain means that I have to write something witty and insightful because I can’t hide behind the iron shield of “oh, it’s just LiveJournal, what did you expect?” as I actually am paying for this space. It’s OK to be a waste of LJ space, but a domainy one? Notsomuch.

I’ll try!

Anyway… welcome to Home of… fresitas. The name for this domain clearly came from my LiveJournal account, but that name originally came from… well, so many origins. Maybe my mom’s love for strawberries while she was pregnant with me. Or the fact that she’s from the land of strawberries in Mexico, Irapuato. Or the fact that I was born with a birthmark shaped like a strawberry. Or that random people in random countries have always come up with that nickname for me due to my love for strawberries and the color pink. ANYTHING PINK. Maybe it’s due to being tagged as a fresa the second I stepped foot into a Mexican school because my accent was “different” from everyone else’s.

Or, you know, all of the above. So, like, welcome. And stuff.

April 17, 2009   15 Comments