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I am made of win.

With George at work all day and me unemployed until USCIS determines I am persona grata, I spend a lot of time home alone. Being home alone contributes to prancing around nekkid after taking a shower, looking for what clothes to wear and such. This is a safe activity, as our curtains and blinds are always drawn before I take a shower…

Lately, George and I have been sleeping in one of the guest rooms. It’s darker in there and the guest beds are more to our liking than the bed in the master bedroom… so I forgot to keep the blinds closed in our master bedroom.

Today I was walking out of the closet, hair wrapped up in a towel-turban, to search for clothes in our bedroom. I was backlit — the bright, fluorescent closet light on behind me. And right as I walk out, what are the odds? Our neighbor pulls into his driveway. Said driveway has a straight view into our bedroom window.

Fabulous. I ducked out of sight, all embarrassed and ran to whine to George about it on gchat. He laughed and said, “Maybe he didn’t see you!” Yeah, I was bathed in bright lights and the window was right in front of me… but he didn’t see. hahaha

I have, however, learned my lesson: next time, wave vigorously. If the neighbor replies with a wave, he definitely saw me. If not, then I’m in the clear! (What, did you think the lesson would be to not walk around nekkid? As if!)

August 17, 2009   3 Comments