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Starbucks and World AIDS Day

Every year, in support of World AIDS Day, Starbucks decides to do something nice:

“Join us in support of World AIDS Day. On December 1, 2009 we’re contributing 5¢ U.S. to the Global Fund to help fight AIDS in Africa for every hand-crafted beverage sold!”

And every year, I click on the little Facebook button saying I’m attending the event. And EVERY YEAR, that takes me to the page where people have left comments.

Now, I’m curious: do people really think that Starbucks gives a crap about destructive comments? Comments like: “Starbucks doesn’t send coffee to our troops, so I’m never buying coffee from them again,” or “Cheap bastards, five cents? Capitalist pigs!” I usually silently laugh, but this time it just pissed me off.

Would you like a list of all American and international companies who are “not supporting the war and not sending products to our troops”? WOULDYA? Because believe you me, it’s more than 98% of all domestic companies.

Could you also explain to me why it’s their obligation to give ANYTHING AT ALL? Most companies do not contribute in any way, so anything that Starbucks does is POSITIVE. (No AIDS pun intended.) Why do people love to complain so freaking much? Is this not the season of giving thanks? Give thanks that someone, no matter how much or little, cares about things going on in the world to say, hey, let’s pick a day and donate a little money to a cause. I am in now way affiliated with Starbucks – however, I appreciate a good deed from wherever it may come, big or small.

*Steps off soapbox*

November 25, 2009   4 Comments