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Update – Part I

A lot has happened over the past couple of months…

First, George’s car completely died. OK, George would argue with that. It still runs, but the second you turn it on, you (and anyone within a mile radius) are completely enshrouded in a cloud of white smoke. We still have it in the garage, hoping to fix it up a bit so someone will still want to buy it for more than just scrap. But we had to get a new car. Or, two, rather. 😀

Sexy.Dangerous GTI edition

He made me do it.

Meet Al and Betty. George says he’s not naming his car Al, but seeing as how it’s been a month and a half and he hasn’t named it yet, I am naming them both myself. Al is a Golf GTI and Betty is a kinda pimped out Jetta. We got a pretty sweet loan with the KSCFCU, and they should be paid off in no time. We’re not the biggest fans of loans (neither of us has a credit card) but we needed wheels.

The sad part is… I can’t technically drive mine. My Mexi license is expired (renewing it in a couple weeks) and I am not allowed to get a US license until my paperwork is done. FAB. But at least now, the very SECOND my papers are through, I will be able to get a job and drive to it. But, yay! Cars!

By the way, we found both cars on eBay Motors. George’s ended up costing 2K-3K less than that turbo is actually worth just because it has a couple of interior imperfections. Mine cost the BlueBook value; however, the BB value doesn’t include all the things it has, like leather interior, sunroof, sound system with amplifier, heated seats (yes, we live in Florida, yes, I still freeze here), etc. Not too bad!