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It’s the most wonderful(ly busy) time of the year…

Huge chunks of the past year have been… well, frankly… a little boring!

I don’t mean the parts that have to do with George: I was lucky enough to marry my best friend, someone who makes me laugh so hard my sides hurt on a daily basis and who finds me equally (although he claims much more) hilarious. Life is happy. The “boring” parts have been the parts where I have had to be unemployed because before you’re a resident, you’re not legally allowed to work here, and I only got my residency in October. What is that, you say? You can file for a work permit while your visa is being processed? Yes, you can! I got mine three days, yes, THREE DAYS, before my visa was authorized. Useful!

With such an uneventful year, I expected it to remain that way… and remain that way it did until I was hired as part of a team of translators working on the files for a legal case in Mexico… hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of pages. Hundreds of pages to try and work through while being sick. And Thanksgiving. And my aunt Maria Luisa and Coquito coming to visit. And my mom’s upcoming (tomorrow!!!) visit, as well as the arrival of our friends Lauren and Mojdeh for the SED conference. Did I mention devotionals? And Ruhi circles? And regular chores? And work?

My mom always said, “Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.” I spent the better part of this year begging and praying to be busy and occupied and to have consistent work and visits from friends… and there you go.

So, I guess, thank You? :-)

P.S. Who doesn’t like freebies? I am currently obsessed with Annie Little’s “Fly Me Away”. You know the girl who sings the song on the new Kindle commercial? Well, it seems Amazon is giving the mp3 away. You’ll love it. Click here.