Donde pongo el ojo pongo la bala.
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From the mouths of babes…

George and I are in Cancun for a mini vacation (and by mini, I mean ten days). I have a series of conferences this week, so we just decided to make the trip into a vacay, too. Not too shabby when your flights are covered!

Yesterday, my mom “hired” Samantha, my very much 14 and a half year old sister, to work with us and hand out the receivers and basically just help out. During one of the breaks, she and I were talking about boys…

“You know, mom’s going to freak out when I introduce her to the boy I want to date.”

“Why? Is he covered in tattoos? Body piercings?”

“No… but I mean… he’s not very pretty…”

“Oh, Sam,” I teased. “Not very pretty? Ew.”

“I KNOW!!! But he’s so, so, so nice…”

“Why don’t you hold out for one you find pretty AND nice?”

“Pffft. Those don’t exist.”

I raise a brow, turn to look at George, editing photos on his laptop. “Oh?”


Touché, little sister. Touché.