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Ode to Apple

It’s a fact: I am, indeed, an electronic menace.

While in Cancun, Ebony, my dear, sweet, little MacBook just ceased to function. Out of nowhere, upon turning her on, I would get a “forbidden” sign. While I waited to take her to the Apple Service center, I tried to diagnose her myself… and hoped against hope that I was wrong. But I called it — RIP, hard drive. Kernel damage to the drive, as well as damage, somehow to the actual physical HD. Data not recoverable. :(

As my luck would have it, the Apple warranty ran out in July 2009. And the distributor’s warranty? In November. Plus, Apple Mexico? Not as friendly as Apple USA. Yeah… I couldn’t break her just three months earlier. I do believe it was my fault, tempting fate. I had just told George, not a week earlier, “We’ll see what breaks NOW!” Ask and ye shall receive!

Instead of replacing the hard drive for another overpriced one and keeping a computer for another couple of years which would be obsolete pretty soon (poor thing was already chugging along with its limited RAM), we opted to bite the bullet and purchase a new computer.

I know a lot of people think Apple is overpriced and just a company that people like for its caché… but after using Linux for a few years and then making the switch to Apple, I never want a Windows OS again. EVER. Apple is simple, sleek, and to the point. No bells and whistles, just a straight-forward interface without a million layers and complications. It’s the Chanel of computer nerdery. And for the specs I selected, it would have cost the same (or more!) to purchase a PC.

MacBook Pro 15″, how I love thee.

I love re-installing all my programs (or “Applications”) on Snow Leopard. Download, drag and drop, you’re done. No waiting 5 hours. No clicking through 500 options. You don’t want that program? Delete from Apps! No millions of secret hidden files.

I’m definitely a Mac. 😀