Donde pongo el ojo pongo la bala.
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Mr. Me

On Google Chat with George:

Georgie Porgie: Rosemary from Brevard Eye Center just called me, looking for you.

Georgie Porgie: I said, “This is her husband George”

Me: OK? I thought my appoinment was on Monday?

Georgie Porgie: She said, “Oh, hello Mr. de la Vega. I was just calling to confirm her appointment on Monday at 3:45.”

Georgie Porgie: MISTER DE LA VEGA

Georgie Porgie: yesssssssssss

hahahahahahaha Is he the only man in the world who would get excited over something like this? Hilarious. Also hilarious is that if that is the name on my Eye Dr. records, they assume if I am married, it must be my husband’s name. Not all women take the guy’s name! (For the record, I did.)