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“We’re sorry, BUT…”

So… I actually (very surprisingly) got a reply from Mexicana…

Dear Mrs. Lorenia de la Vega:
Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to process your request. On behalf of Grupo Mexicana please accept our sincerest apology for any inconveniences you may have endured.
My name is Sergio Gomar and I am in charge of the evaluation to your case. Please allow me to inform you that the Management in Orlando international airport has received your comments for their assessment.
On the other hand, in regards to the delay of your baggage, please note that according to the guidelines established for such events:
“You must not reside in the destination city where the delay of luggage delivery occurred. You must provide receipts from the emergency purchase of clothing and personal hygiene items up to the amount previously mentioned a copy of the airline ticket and a copy of the initial delay of baggage delivery report after a 24-hour minimum period of being without your luggage. If you fly Executive Class, payment will be made as soon as the previous requirements have been met.”
Therefore, please submit to this office required documents in order to review them and apply it corresponding outcome.
Our first interest is to understand your needs and we are at your orders for any additional information that you may require.
Best regards,
Sergio Gomar
Customer Relations Analyst
U.S.A. & Canada

I’m sorry, how is that a sincere apology? Also, I completely don’t care what the established guidelines are, I am not even ASKING for a refund (did they even read the letter I SENT?), what I am doing is informing you that your customer service reps LIE and that is NOT OK. They lie to get people of their backs, make promises and guarantees that the company will not comply with, and that is just ridiculous and messed up. UGH. I replied. The saga continues!