Donde pongo el ojo pongo la bala.
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Megan, one of my BFFs from high school, recently posted this picture as her Facebook profile picture:

Megan is on the left, with Snooki from Jersey Shore on the right. She met her when she line managed for her meet and greet at NACA. I thought this was so awful and awesome and amazing all at the same time, that I had to share the image with George, a friend, and my sister-in-law, Caroline. The following ensued…

Caroline: I’m so confused.

Caroline: Who is that?

Caroline: Besides looking like you.

Lorenia: I think I am going to go cry in a dark corner now.

My sister-in-law is awesome. hahaha Lesson learned, folks. Mock not the d-list celebrities… especially if, in some creepy way, they may resemble you. Especially if you’re a dark-skinned short-stack.