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August 16th

I’ve been a jumble of nerves, a mess of emotions, for the past few days. As a testament to the power of the mind and how it shields us from the things we don’t want to think about, it didn’t dawn on me until just this moment why I’ve felt, as cliché as this may sound, “sick to my heart”. Today is a date best forgotten… but I just can’t seem to let go, to forgive others, to forgive myself.

It’s taken me months to write in here again, even something as obscure as that. Everything has seemed too personal and too “mine” to want to share it or to even rehash it for myself by putting it into written words, but I haven’t felt this overwhelmed and flooded with thoughts that need some sort of an outlet in, perhaps, years.

I guess that makes this my re-introduction into the blogging world. Be gentle, Internet!