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Thanks for the lies, Verizon.

The next chapter in our Verizon saga occurs thus:

I speak to Verizon rep. Rep promises to call George on Monday morning (as in, today) to get our bank account info to reimburse us for the $559 charge. Rep never calls. George checks his email. Verizon credited our account with the money. Womp womp.

Why is this a problem? Well, I don’t know about y’all, but we are very precise about the amount of money we have/spend/allocate. So when suddenly the account we PAY OUR BILLS WITH has $600 less, it really affects us.

What is really wrong with this, though? The fact is, that it was Verizon’s mistake, not ours. We did everything we were asked to. We returned the non-functioning phone promptly, they received it and forgot to say, “Oh, yeah, here it is!” As it is not our mistake, they should not get a $600 interest free loan from us. If we were a bank giving them $600, they would have to PAY US for borrowing that money. Not cool.

I deal with this ALL the time. Companies that outsource translations generally get paid for the translations you do upon delivery, and then they take “30-90 days, depending on the date you send the invoice, and whether it’s close to the 1st or 15th of the month”, for example, to pay you, thus obtaining interest-free loans from the poor, independent translators that work for them. It’s not as monumentally terrible when a small company or an individual does this to you as it is when a HUGE CONGLOMERATE does it to its clients. Makes you wonder how much money Verizon is making this way… and it seriously bothers me.

So, for the last time, I am begging you, Verizon, please fix this before we decide to report you to the Better Business Bureau…