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All’s well that ends well

Funny how quickly we communicate with others when something is wrong, but how, in our relief, we forget to let people know when things are going well. I’ve gotten a couple of emails that have reminded me that I’ve been remiss in updating as to Mister’s condition. Thank you for your messages, comments, mails, and concern…

On February 4th, exactly one week after he was admitted to Williamson Medical Center and subsequently Saint Thomas Hospital, a smiling George Sr. was released.

Given the type of heart attack he suffered, we all know it is a blessing and a miracle that he is alive. His doctors took amazing care of him, his wife continues to take amazing care of him, and we’re all grateful for all of your prayers. The well-wishes have been overwhelming… knowing that there is that much love out there gives me an even more positive world-view.

I think something this scary has pushed all of us to be more serious about our health, what we put into our bodies and what we do with our bodies. If Mister hadn’t made the healthy choices and changes he had over the past three years, who knows what his outcome might’ve been or what his recovery possibilities may have looked like… Definitely a wake up call for all of us.

And again? Thanks, guys.