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Men: I apologize in advance…

Today a friend told me something that while amazingly flattering, was a bold-face lie: “I love your makeup… especially because it looks like you’re not even wearing any! What products do you use?” (The lie was the “looks like” part, because no one has naturally shimmery sage eyelids, unless they can make their eyelids do that… like Mystique.)

Answering that question would take about 500 hours, because I own pretty much every single type of makeup and beauty product under the sun. However, I do have my favorites, and since I feel a little girlie today, I’ll share them (click image for full size)…

  • 1. Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark-Circle Roller: Years of poor sleep and months of not being tan give me semi-permanent dark circles under my eyes. Garnier’s roller is awesome because not only does the light color conceal the dark circles, the caffeine and lemon perk up your eyes and make them a little less puffy — especially awesome early in the morning!
  • 2. Clinique Perfectly Real Compact Makeup: I abhor wearing liquid foundation. I abhor having my face feel all pore-cloggedy. This pressed powder is excellent — gives you that foundation finish without leaving your skin feeling heavy or shiny.
  • 3. (a) Clinique True Bronze Pressed Powder Bronzer: I know I don’t use bronzers the way they’re intended and I don’t care. I use the true bronzer as a blush (smile big and apply to the puffy part of your cheeks for a sunkissed look instead of the classic rosy-under-cheekbones-fakeness) and as a base for my eyeshadow with the… (b) EcoTools Bamboo Powder Brush: EcoTools products are made from all natural and recycled materials. Their prices are also pretty friendly, so it’s a win for you and the planet!
  • 4. Clinique Brush On Cream Liner: It’s a little tricky to get the hang of the cream liner (unless you’re a makeup savant, you’ll end up lining your eyes waaay too thick the first few times, but practice makes perfect) but once you figure it out, it’s genius. I’ve gone swimming, spent all night out, and even cried with it on with nary a smudge or smear.
  • 5. Clinique Colour Surge Eye Shadow Super Shimmer: I am obsessed with the Sparkling Sage and I will wear it even if it does not go with my outfit at all. I do not care. You can’t stop a love like ours.
  • 6. Clinique High Impact Mascara: Doesn’t clump, doesn’t smudge after a long day.
  • 7. DiorKiss: Indulgence, thy name is Dior. I usually steer clear of the Dior counter at the mall (their prices are a little ridiculous for goo you rub on your face) but DiorKiss in Pineapple is my ruin.

Those are the 7 items I would keep if I had to throw everything else away. But don’t get me started on skin care… that’s a horse of another color (I will not give up a single one of my products — EVER).

How masculine are you feelin’ right about now, guys?