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I hope I’m certifiable

Federal Court Interpreter certifiable, that is. This past Tuesday, I finally presented the oral portion of my FCICE. I had identified my weaknesses and strengths and had prepared myself by focusing on my weaknesses and really brushing up on certain interpreting modes. Turns out, I focused too hard on one thing, and ended up neglecting the portions that were my strengths to the point where I’m not entirely sure how I did. :/ I guess I’ll find out in six to eight weeks…

Through the past couple months, I’ve been constantly reminded how lucky I am. I have received constant patience, love, and support from my family and friends. Calls, chats, text messages all full of encouragement and motivation.

Thank you. I never would have made it happily through with my sanity mostly intact if it hadn’t been for all of you… and I appreciate it more than words could ever express.