Donde pongo el ojo pongo la bala.
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My mom needs a new hip… I mean, is so hip!

I’m currently in Cancun interpreting for a conference having to do with law enforcement. During breaks and at lunch time, we play music from our iPods in the room. I keep making fun of my mom for playing music that is too ancient and boring to keep even old people awake.

Today she grabs her iPod at lunch time before I was able to beat her to it. She’s like, “Hey! I’ll play this! Who is Ham-eero-kai?”

Laughing, “You mean, ‘Jamiroquai’?”

“Oh, whatever!” The music starts, the organizers are pleasantly surprised in the change in music and even remark on it. My mom smiles smugly. “See? Now you can’t tell me this song isn’t even from this millenium. At least I’m playing something current now.”

More laughing, “Mom, I think this song is from 1993… it just sounded futuristic 18 years ago…”

She can’t help but laugh, shrug, and just give up.