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Live and let decide

Since today seems to be the day when people would like to push their values and opinions on others regarding the subject of abortion all over Facebook, I decided I will push my values and opinions on those people, too.

So. Abortion. Always a tricky subject, right? I know my opinion on the matter has changed probably a dozen times, according to age and perspective, religious beliefs, situation in life, etc. It’s OK for your opinions to change — that just means you’re growing as a person.

But here is my personal stance:

Due to every life experience that I have had up until now, and due to the fact that my religion disagrees with abortion, I can comfortably say that I would love to live in a world where abortion does not exist. However, I also look forward to a world where women are not judged for their decisions (and not just women, anyone), where women are not judged for having extramarital sex (premarital and otherwise), where family units are strong and supportive so that if an unwanted pregnancy occurs, a woman or a girl doesn’t feel alone. I look forward to a world without violent crime; a world without rape, a world without molestation and abuse. I look forward to a world where due to healthy relationships and medical advances, proper diets and healthy lifestyles, we have eliminated mental health problems to the degree where a mother having a child would not harm her psychological well-being. I look forward to a world where that same medicine has advanced to a point where we better know how to deal with ectopic pregnancies, with birth defects (whether helping correct these in utero or having a better understanding of them to where we can offer a child a healthy and full life with disabilities), and with so many things we don’t yet fully understand.

I also look forward to a world in which we don’t judge other people’s choices. No matter what your faith (or lack thereof), I think that we can all agree that our choices are up to our conscience and our understanding of right from wrong. I also understand that there is a fine line between a blanket statement like that and people committing crimes and feeling justified in doing so.

I fully understand equating abortion to murder, trust me. I believe in the soul, I believe a baby has one the moment of conception. I also believe that that soul is pure, and if it passes due to a miscarriage or due to an abortion, the soul itself never suffered and is somewhere much better than we will ever be able to grasp.

When it comes to legislation, how about this: if there is a ever a bill or a law that seeks to criminalize abortion, how about you vote on it in the privacy of your voting booth without the need of pushing your values, for or against, on others? This will allow us to be unified, peaceful towards each other, and allow the democratic process that we value so much to work out any disagreements we may have.

You never know who has been through what in this life, and what may have led them to make a tough decision one way or another. Your friend, your neighbor, your sister, and even your mother. Do you honestly think you know whether they have ever been put in the awful situation of having to choose? How do you think it feels to not only judge yourself, but feel judged by others? Have a little compassion, and remember: you’re not perfect, either.