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Clean “freak”

This morning I started cleaning at 8am. Nothing spectacular about that, right? Except for the fact that I have managed to drink eight glasses of water already (in 5.5 hrs) and seriously done cardio about three times so far. Like, to the point where I end up all sweaty and red faced and having to slow down my breathing.

George and I finally got to working on some things around the house this weekend which made me catch the cleaning bug much more seriously than usual. While I tend to kind of clean obsessively, this is far beyond my usual crazy-cleaning. I’m attacking every single closet, cabinet, surface, corner, window in my path. I even purged the laundry room of… way too much crap.

I joke about it, but I honestly do wonder if I’m a little OCD. The pleasure I am getting from seeing each surface mirror back my hysterically happy-that-it’s-clean smile is too great to be normal. I’m on cloud fifty.

Snack time’s over. Time to get back to it!

April 27, 2009   6 Comments