Donde pongo el ojo pongo la bala.
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Out with the old, in with the fresita!

“What do I write as my first post? I feel like it should be something monumental,” I whine, as George laughs at me.

After more than ten years of blogging, it appears I have a case of Internet stage fright. It just feels like the fact that this is an actual domain means that I have to write something witty and insightful because I can’t hide behind the iron shield of “oh, it’s just LiveJournal, what did you expect?” as I actually am paying for this space. It’s OK to be a waste of LJ space, but a domainy one? Notsomuch.

I’ll try!

Anyway… welcome to Home of… fresitas. The name for this domain clearly came from my LiveJournal account, but that name originally came from… well, so many origins. Maybe my mom’s love for strawberries while she was pregnant with me. Or the fact that she’s from the land of strawberries in Mexico, Irapuato. Or the fact that I was born with a birthmark shaped like a strawberry. Or that random people in random countries have always come up with that nickname for me due to my love for strawberries and the color pink. ANYTHING PINK. Maybe it’s due to being tagged as a fresa the second I stepped foot into a Mexican school because my accent was “different” from everyone else’s.

Or, you know, all of the above. So, like, welcome. And stuff.

April 17, 2009   15 Comments