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Mr. Me

On Google Chat with George:

Georgie Porgie: Rosemary from Brevard Eye Center just called me, looking for you.

Georgie Porgie: I said, “This is her husband George”

Me: OK? I thought my appoinment was on Monday?

Georgie Porgie: She said, “Oh, hello Mr. de la Vega. I was just calling to confirm her appointment on Monday at 3:45.”

Georgie Porgie: MISTER DE LA VEGA

Georgie Porgie: yesssssssssss

hahahahahahaha Is he the only man in the world who would get excited over something like this? Hilarious. Also hilarious is that if that is the name on my Eye Dr. records, they assume if I am married, it must be my husband’s name. Not all women take the guy’s name! (For the record, I did.)

February 19, 2010   7 Comments

The non-Mexican Mexican, apparently.

Our car… is about to RIP. In someone else‘s garage.

We have a “fancy” (lolz) 1992 V6 Toyota Camry. Recently George has, just to give you an idea of all it has needed, done the following:

  • replaced the air filter;

  • changed the oil and oil filter;
  • cleaned the throttle plate and throttle body;
  • added fuel injector cleaner to the gas tank;
  • replaced the air hose bellows between the air filter and the throttle, since it had a tear;
  • replaced the accessory belt twice, along with the tensioner belt;
  • has replaced all six spark plugs with titanium plugs, and all six plug wires;
  • replaced the distributor rotor and cap;
  • cleaned battery leads;
  • replaced the original fuel filter (from 1992!).

Additionally, the handle on the passenger door needs to be replaced, the motor for the back passenger side window broke so now that window is being held up by suction cups, and the AC died. Yes, when it’s summer in Florida and it’s been around 110ºF (Real Feel).

We have just decided to sell it as is, and take whatever we’re offered for it before it completely dies and we’re screwed. Obviously, we had to take it in to get the A/C system charged with refrigerant, because who in their right mind would purchase a car in the summer without cool A/C?

When I was finished with my translation today, I drove it to our mechanic to get that done. I dropped the car off, gave him the keys and he looks at me scoldingly.

“I thought you couldn’t drive yet.”

“Well, I don’t have a license here yet, but I have my Mexican one.”

He does a double take. “You’re Mexican?! You don’t look Mexican!!!”

I stood there kind of stunned and amused for a minute, not quite knowing how to respond to that. “Well, I am!”

“Your English is so good, though!”

“Thank you? I guess I learned it well?”

This exchange made my day. He wasn’t trying to be rude or mean. He wasn’t like, “Ew, Mexican.” He was just genuinely shocked… and moreso because I don’t “talk or look like one”… I just wonder if people realize, when they say something like this, that to most people it’d be kind of insulting. I’ve gotten so used to people being outright rude here that things like this just make me giggle.

Anyway… anyone want to buy a Camry? I hear it’s in excellent condition…

June 24, 2009   3 Comments