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I’m a Guitar Hero!

George and I found this ridiculous deal on eBay: pay less than half the retail price of Guitar Hero World Tour and get free shipping for the FULL game with all the instruments, brand new. Caveat: the box is slightly worn. Seriously? We’d been getting kind of annoyingly addicted to Rock Band III playing at Willie’s and were a little sick of playing the same songs over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over (I think you get the point) again, so we decided to click the little “Buy it now!” icon.

The package arrived yesterday in the afternoon. We create our characters and get to playing. First, let me just say. Easy guitar, Guitar Hero? EASY?! The “easy” mode on GH is equivalent to the “medium” on RB and it’s RIDICULOUS. I’m a beginner and I was going crazy-all-over-the-place. I must admit that I do now love the guitar more than ever before.

And second… BITE ME, GH. On RB I am always our singer, and on “medium” and “hard” I can give you performances in the high 90s and a couple of 100 percents here and there. On “medium” on GH? 88-93. SERIOUSLY?! Why do you kill my wannabe-rockstar ego, GH? Why, oh why?

Third: if you really like a video game and think you might waste too much time on it, my advice is DO NOT PURCHASE IT. Completely obsessed. My (social) life is over. And seriously? I played for like five minutes today and neighborhood kids kept riding their bikes past the window watching me tilt the guitar to get my star power as I played all by my lonesome and I kept thinking how fab it’d be to invite them over to play because then I could get SO MUCH MORE MONEY for each gig and then I realized, uh, that would be creepy because I am way-too-old-and-still-childless to invite neighborhood kids to my house. :(

So, um, anyone wanna come over and “jam”?

P.S. George just said, “Yeah, we should totally invite the neighborhood kids to play. It wouldn’t be creepy if first we went over and met their parents.” Yes. “Hi, Mr. and Mrs. So-and-so. I am here to introduce myself. No, not to socialize with you… to socialize with YOUR CHILD.” That’d go over well!

April 24, 2009   5 Comments